In a world where first impressions are made in an instant, it is essential that your visual brand is strong, cohesive, and on message. Your image is much more than your headshot. It includes your clothing, your posture, your facial expression, and even your environment. Yet an image combined with an unmistakable Presence will speak volumes before you even utter a word.
This is a self-driven course that includes 3 one-hour coaching sessions with Peggy. The first session begins when you register for the program.

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“My personal image just wasn’t that important, until I started talking with people about the most important business brand I have ever built. I needed to figure out what I’m supposed to wear, as I had no clue, and it was important that I up my game and have my image be consistent with the look and feel of my business brand. With Peggy’s coaching, I started learning the principles of how things work. Her ability to recognize my frustration and validate my concerns with empathy and compassion allowed me to relax more and gain a better understanding of what is my best look and personal brand.” – George C. Huang, M.D., Founder & Chief Rocket Surgeon at More Profit Rocket

“A light I never knew I needed in my life.......... Peggy Scott is an inspiration. During my sessions with Peggy, I was able to see the beauty in myself and find a direction that gave me purpose. She has a true gift in listening to you and then pointing out where presence is needed and thought process can be changed. She truly understands the words self-love and she showed me how to do this again. Her love for humankind and her passion to help others is unsurpassable by anyone I have ever met. From our first meeting to this very day, I will always hold Peggy in my heart as she is as pure as they come. It is a rarity to have someone like her in your life.” – Cassandra Kobayashi-Gallagher, Real Estate Agent, Realty One Group Pacifica

“Working with Peggy has been transformative for me. I chanced upon meeting Peggy when she conducted an online meeting presence training session for my team, and it was the start of a valuable relationship. Since working with Peggy, I’ve been able to speak my mind with executives, step up on stage with confidence to present at industry events, and more importantly, really start to uncover what matters most to me, and how I can go about achieving it. I can’t recommend Peggy highly enough; I look forward to our sessions as I know that I will always be taking away a nugget of gold.” - Miranda Chestney-Law – Associate Director Customer Success, APAC | Alida

Working with Peggy enabled me to be more powerful and confident. She enabled me to see myself in a new light and manifest more grace, purpose and power in my life. Peggy has the ability to see the strength and beauty within and help her clients bring it out in a way that allows them to generate an increase in confidence and a powerful presence - to actually be more of their authentic self. – Helen Fanucci, author of Love Your Team


Peggy Scott has 34 years’ experience as a Presence, Performance & Productivity coach, speaker, and author. Her extensive education, training, and experience in the areas of communication, sales and leadership, project management and philosophy help her clients be more productive, implementing a process that will increase performance, peace of mind, and effectiveness, which contributes to a more powerful presence overall.

Her engagements with high-level executives, luminaries, Presidents, Governors, the Princess of Sweden, and the Chancellor of Germany, has given her a greater perspective and appreciation of public personalities and the well in which they draw their energy and influence.

What distinguishes Peggy is her unwavering commitment to providing workable solutions and flawless execution, empowering her clients, to unparalleled authenticity and performance.

To learn more about topics Peggy addresses for her keynote presentations, email [email protected]

Peggy’s keynotes are lively, engaging, fun and educational. Her warm, sophisticated and diplomatic approach makes it very safe for her clients and audience to listen and engage in a topic that feels very personal...but not really private. She addresses the inside out of generating a powerful, influential presence, leaving people inspired to act. Peggy will tailor the presentation to suit your objectives.