I will show you how to work with what you have and look like a million bucks without spending a fortune.

My clients are always amazed at how much more they have and how much happier they are with the new configuration of clothing possibilities. In fact, I save them hundreds of dollars from having to go out and purchase a new wardrobe. They ended up with a whole new wardrobe and did it without spending a fortune!

The purpose in addressing your wardrobe is to make sure that you show up as your best self. A large part of how we are perceived is through our physical image…80-90%

Your presence is both an inner game of your values, moods, attitudes, etc. Your outer presence is your image and how you dress yourself. When you have your inner and outer presence in alignment you will show up with your full presence from the inside out…and that I call Presence of Self!

One of a Kind – Peggy has a rare gift for bringing out one’s inner grace and beauty in a most profound way. She goes way beyond consulting on image. Although she is also masterful in coaching on clothing, accessories, hair, and makeup – her unique talent is in reaching right into the soul and pulling out your full, self-expression so that you are more effective and present. - Alexandra Huff

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