Personal Empowerment Coaching Sessions are highly tailored to suit your objectives. 3-6 month coaching is recommended to get achieve the maximum results.

Coaching will include:

● Examine your current context and mindset and whether it supports your purpose

● Become aware of your limiting assumptions, and remove the barriers to your natural expression as a leader.

● Develop your ambition and purpose.

● Design a plan to execute on your ambition and purpose.

● Create your new context and practices to have your new context be sustainable.


A light I never knew I needed in my life………. Peggy Scott is an inspiration. During my sessions with Peggy I was able to see the beauty in myself and find a direction that gave me purpose. She has a true gift in listening to you and then pointing our where presence is needed and thought process can be changed. She truly understands the words self love and she showed me how to do this again. Her love for human kind and her passion to help others is unsurpassable by anyone I have ever met. From our first meeting to this very day, I will always hold Peggy in my heart as she is as pure as they come. It is a rarity to have someone like her in your life. - Cassandra Kobayashi 

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