Manage Perception

Dress with a purpose in mind. Think about how you wish to be perceived, i.e., trustworthy, credible, approachable, intelligent as so forth.  Being clear about how you wish to be perceived, will have a positive impact on your image and presence.

When one stands in their power, in their confidence, and in their authenticity, the results produced are uncommon and unprecedented.

Manage Your Mindset

Mindset is a powerful tool to manage your overall feeling and outlook. If you feel tired, old, overweight (whether you are or not,) and so forth, that is what you will be projecting. To generate and positively impact your image, you must be a constant gardener to your mindset, and keep your thoughts and mindset clear from negative thoughts that convince you that you are not (fill in the blank…).

Create a mindset that is energized and attractive, you will have a much happier outlook and effect on your work, life and others.

Manage Your Well-Being

Manage your well-being so that you show up reseted and present. What kind of reaction do you wish to generate with the energy you are sending out to the world? What is it that nurtures you so that you show up well rested and present? 

Your well-being practices are essential to the care and feeding of your body, mind, heart and spirit. Having good well-being practices in place is an absolute beauty necessity. When we ignore doing what we need to do to keep ourselves in healthy shape, we pay the consequence. It’s crucial that we take extraordinary care of ourselves and our precious life!

Quality Over Quantity

Always choose quality over quantity when it comes to buying clothes. Your clothing, shoes and accessories speak volumes about you. Make sure that what you wear speaks well of you. 

Would you put a cheap frame on those pieces on a beautiful work of art, such as a Monet or Renoir? No, so why would you wear anything that doesn’t frame your image beautifully? Choose quality with your wardrobe and you will always feel and look good. 

Honor Your Core Values

Identifying your values, such as dignity and grace, power and integrity, will generate the energy and vibration of those values. 

Walking into a room, my values are present…that’s how to command a room without saying a word. That’s Presence of Self©

Core values are much like the fixed stars that shine unchanged so that the sailor may depend upon them to steer his course. You may steer your life course by your core values. 

Honoring and living from your core values is your secret sauce. Core values are your sacred ground and cornerstones of your inner self. When you live your life according to your core values, your truth begins to shine out of you. When that happens, that is your true self. And true self is one of the most beautiful things in the world. 

If you need help creating a powerful image that represents you and your purpose, schedule a call with Peggy.  She can help you reinvent, rebrand and refresh your image and wardrobe! 

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A light I never knew I needed in my life………. Peggy Scott is an inspiration. During my sessions with Peggy I was able to see the beauty in myself and find a direction that gave me purpose. She has a true gift in listening to you and then pointing our where presence is needed and thought process can be changed. She truly understands the words self love and she showed me how to do this again. Her love for human kind and her passion to help others is unsurpassable by anyone I have ever met. From our first meeting to this very day, I will always hold Peggy in my heart as she is as pure as they come. It is a rarity to have someone like her in your life. - Cassandra Kobayashi