Elevate Your Presence

Our contributions to the communities that we care about will be most impactful when we are in command of our value and power, which consists of being our truest self.

On a steadfast foundation of the core values that define you, discover and unleash the tremendous power of your purpose.

This is a self-driven program that includes 5 hours of personal coaching with Peggy Scott.

Once you register for the program you will get a link to schedule your first session with Peggy.

Each exercise is yours to keep and you'll be able to refer back to it whenever you want. And if you miss an exercise, or are too busy to get to it that day, each exercise will conveniently remain in your account so you won't have to search for it when you're ready to get back to it.

Coaching Curriculum


About Peggy Scott

Hi, I am Peggy Scott and for 30+ years, I have been developing and delivering transformational programs. I created a course called Mastery of Great Looks and Your Presence of Self©. It's a comprehensively engaging and successful course that helps women to transform their image and generate a powerful presence that reflects their greatest values, purpose and their inner beauty.

I offer caring, concise guidance that empowers my clients to define their presence and personal brand, removing anything that does not serve their mission, purpose and presence.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a call with Peggy at peggy2.youcanbook.me 

I look forward to speaking with you!